We recover both your car and your time
We recover both
your car and your time
We recover
both your car
and your time
We recover
both your car
and your time

Recovery & Towing

The Ravitex towing truck is designed to come up in case of the road blockages caused by accidents, in order to tow and to restore the driving ability of the damaged vehicles/trucks.

It can be requested both for recovery and for towing to where the client wishes.

Furthermore RAVITEX team is at your disposal both with the mobile repairing service and with solutions of transportation on the platform.

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Lying in Western Romania, the Ravitex towing truck is meant especially to the transport companies. It is complete with all the necessary facilities for towing and taking home the trucks involved in the accidents that occur on various highways of Europe.

In Romania, the Ravitex towing truck is also for the administrators of county roads, national roads and highways, it can be requested for various recovery and towing applications in many emergency situations.


  • Motor vehicle recovery
  • Motor vehicle towing
  • Sending the cases to the network of the manufacturing servicing units
  • Arranging the hospitable services for the driver and other passengers: hotel / taxi etc.
  • Organising the commodity-related services: goods transshipment, trailer in exchange etc.
  • Mobile service

Buses/Coaches Recovery & Towing

In the cases of buses/coaches recovery and towing, we provide to the passengers in the shortest time possible another coach in order to get to their destination.

Ravitex Recovery Team
Intervenții Recuperare și Tractare

Unități de recuperare, tractare și transport de diverse dimensiuni cu dotări complexe, care intervin acolo unde este nevoie pentru ca drumul tău să continue.

+40 720 006 677

Autoutilitară cu macara încorporată
pentru tractare autoturisme de până la 4 tone


Our team is fluent in: English, French, German, Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Serbian, Italian.

The solutions will only be implemented based on your confirmation and decision.

Our team will constantly keep you informed on the information linked to your case.


Vasile-Nicolaie Guṭiu

Business Unit Manager

Truck Recovery