Our Mission


Domestic and international
transport of goods and passengers

For more than a decade we have developed our activity in a highly competitive world.

We succeeded to acquire the rank of top provider in the field of road transports. Nowadays, Ravitex is a benchmark company in the national and international road transports field of goods and passengers.

Ravitex fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles, is capable of managing special transports, dedicated to certain reference industrial branches with strict requirements regarding the goods transport, respectively the food sector.

In the actual context of a service market characterised by high standards and strict deadlines, we managed to increase the confidence capital offered by our customers and to honour the more and more complex and exigent demands.

Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art vehicles and it is always ready for the challenges that represent the transport market.

If 15 years ago our automotive park consisted of 4 available trucks, today we have 250 big trucks and 320 semitrailer trucks.


With the professional support of our team, we developed and created over these years a set of principles that guide the collaboration relationship that we have with our customers and our partners. Quality, promptitude and safety conditions – these are the reference points that govern our business relationships


of the transported passengers and goods, regardless of the route


to customer needs by means of modern solutions and technologies in the field


a principle noted both in the technical equipment of the fleet and in the driver training too


we deliver on time and in perfect condition even in the case of short terms, a fact which brought us an important part of the recognition we enjoy in our field of activity

By the strict observance of these principles we manage to build that extra value which is essential to our services.


We develop ourselves along with the market and increase our performances along with the evolution of the technology. This is why the car park is completely replaced every four years with new motor vehicles coming from the most important producers in the field, such as Mercedes, Volvo, Schmitz (trailers)


By the regular replacement of the motor vehicles with new ones equipped with the latest technical innovations, we also observe the latest rules concerning the environment protection.


We are preoccupied to have a well-trained personnel, this is why our drivers benefit from specialized training sessions so that they assimilate the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for a preventive and efficient driving.

We are a transport company that supports the need of business mobility, regardless if it is about goods or passengers.

management SYSTEMS

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001