We provide the transportation of general goods, products specific for the food industryor the automotive industry, both for Romanian and international routes. The vehicles used for this type of transport are adjusted to the volume of transported goods and to the special conditions necessary for the safety of some goods.


These vehicles are tailored for the automotive industry to meet specific needs: minibuses, trucks and heavy load trucks.

Temperature-controlled transports

Specific to the perishables from the food industry and to the raw materials that call for various temperature modes.

We have got high capacity refrigeration trailers (height : 279 cm), bi-temperature refrigeration trailers, double deck ones, endowed with Pharma certificates.

General goods transport

We transport all types of goods on domestic and international routes, with different loads vehicles. According to the transported volume, we recommend you the suitable vehicle to deliver your goods safely and within the scheduled time.

Dangerous goods transport

We provide the transportation of dangerous goods according to the regulations imposed by the Romanian Road Authority. Dangerous substances and products are those which by their physical and chemical nature can cause damages to people or to the environment.

The vehicles used for this special type of transport are specially licensed by the Romanian authorities confirmingthat they are properly equipped to provide transportation of dangerous goods in compliance with all safety regulations.

Urgent transport

The time for the transport of raw materials can directly influence production. To ensure optimal conditions for our partners to develop their activity, we offer urgent transport services, performed with 3.5 ton Mercedes Sprinter vans and 3.5 ton curtainsider Mercedes Sprinters for large volume transports.

This service is optimized so that transit time is significantly reduced and raw materials arrive quickly and safely to the production sites for technological processes.